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Colin Morgan by SougoOkita209 Colin Morgan :iconsougookita209:SougoOkita209 1 0 Gaster, uf Sans and Flowey by SougoOkita209 Gaster, uf Sans and Flowey :iconsougookita209:SougoOkita209 2 0 Sans by SougoOkita209 Sans :iconsougookita209:SougoOkita209 2 3 Iggycat  by SougoOkita209 Iggycat :iconsougookita209:SougoOkita209 0 0 Digimon oc by SougoOkita209 Digimon oc :iconsougookita209:SougoOkita209 3 0 Motivator4899e019f426c07fd3eeb20d5e715c9bd35bc by SougoOkita209 Motivator4899e019f426c07fd3eeb20d5e715c9bd35bc :iconsougookita209:SougoOkita209 1 2 Motivator3e00d5a798dda7ecd4fcbcd23d1fc9dfaae28 by SougoOkita209
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.:Pokemon Sun and Moon:. Guzma x Player 5
Pokemon Sun and Moon
A Guzma x Player Fanfiction
Chapter 5
"Coo roo!" I heard a faint cry.
Please, a few more minutes.
"Coo Rooo!" screeched what sounded like Robin.
Ugh, why can't I ever sleep in when I want to? I wake up, to see Robin on the floor, flapping its wings while running around in circles.
"Coo Roo! Coo Roo!" Robin screeches in excitement
I sit up on my bead to let out a stretch and a yawn. Another new day in Alola, I look down at Robin and picked him up in held him in the air.
"You ready to start this day up?" I asked my partner Robin
"Cooroo!" Confirmed with excitement.
Robin flew to my shoulder, I tied my shoes, grabbed my bag and hat as we walked out of my room.  I didn't see my mom around the kitchen or the dinning room, but I noticed Meowth sitting by the door to the patio outside. I peek my head to see my mom taking in the sunlight of Alola. She was at ease, like as if she really did wait all these years just to admire and take in the atmosphere. I don't want to
:iconamycruzz:AmyCruzz 13 7
.:Pokemon Sun and Moon:. Guzma x Player 4
Pokemon Sun and Moon
A Guzma x Player Fan Fiction
Chapter 4
The folks of Iki Town gathered around me and Rowlett in celebration of our partnership. I smiled awkwardly, but at the same time felt some-what socially uncomfortable. I walk down the platform and up to Kukui and Lillie, their faces lit up with joy for me.
"Congratulations for having Rowlett accept you (_______)." Lillie said happily while her bag moved slightly in motion.
"Thank you!" I said bashfully as I hugged Rowlett.
Having my own Pokemon was something I would never imagine having. I look down at Rowlett, it was gently sleeping in my arms breathing quietly as people came up so cheer me on.
"So (______), what are you gonna nickname Rowlett?" Kukui asked me.
A nickname? I never really thought about it before, but I guess there's one name I can call Rowlett.
"Robin." I said happily
"CooRoo! CooRoo!" Robin screeched in excitement.
I was happy, Robin was happy, we were happy.
"Well that's that then, yeah?" Kukui said
Me and R
:iconamycruzz:AmyCruzz 8 0
.:Pokemon Sun and Moon:. Guzma x Player 3
Pokemon Sun and Moon
A Guzma x Player Fan Fiction
Chapter 3
Was this really the end? I shut my eyes closed, tightly squeezing onto Nebby preparing for my life to end.
"Ko Kooo!"
A screech shrilled the air. Not a moment too soon, we were caught by something and saved. It gently landed at the top of the cliff where the mysterious girl had watched victim to what she had just witnessed. I looked up to see what had saved me, another Pokemon? It was yellow, black and orange with a crest on its head. I looked right at me, let out a screech and flew off into the sky at a very fast pace. I slowly pull myself together and stood up once again, watching the Pokemon that had rescued me fly away. Nebby floated out of my arms and headed towards the blonde haired girl in white.
"Pew! Pew!" it said as it reached towards the girl.
"Oh thank goodness you're safe!" the girl said with relief.
"Pew!" Nebby pewed at the girl.
"You tried to use your power again huh? Oh, Nebby... You were weak the lat time you
:iconamycruzz:AmyCruzz 8 1
.:Pokemon Sun and Moon:. Guzma x Player 2
Pokemon Sun and Moon
A Guzma x Player Fan Fiction
Chapter Two
Three Months Later
It's strange how an entire plane trip can drain so much energy you've prepped up for a new place to call home. We arrived in Alola on MeleMele Island, it's a small island and the place that Professor Kukui lives in. I was really excited to begin my adventure but the moment we finally arrived to our home the movers had already finished setting up furniture. I figured I would get some rest after the flight and the way over here.
Meowth? Ugh, just a few more minutes!
Fine! I woke up from my sleep, stretched and yawned my way out of my room and realized that my clothes and shoes were still on me. Was I really that tired? As I walked out of my room with Meowth, I finally got to see the kitchen and dining room granted there were still boxes around the house but it mostly consisted of china and other items that would go around the house. My mom walks in the house from the outside balc
:iconamycruzz:AmyCruzz 8 0
.:Pokemon Sun and Moon:. Guzma x Player 1
Pokemon Sun and Moon
A Guzma x Player Fan Fiction
Chapter One
You ever get the feeling that part of your life was missing? A whole new world just waiting for you to explore? I guess this was the part of my life getting ready to burst out. I came from the Kanto region, I lived in Cerulean City, a small town where there were Pokemon trainers who would pass and go only to be defeated by the towns gym leader. I always saw how the trainers and their Pokemon were so happy together even after defeat, it made me envious hoping for the day that I could become a trainer myself. I may not have had my own Pokemon but there was my moms Meowth who always kept me company. I would often study about the types of Pokemon and type advantage during battle. It was one such day that mother had revealed the news to me.
"We're moving to Alola!" my mom in a jovial tone.
"Alola?" I asked with my head slightly tilted.
"Yes! It's a wonderful region with beautiful islands and absolutely wonderful weather all year
:iconamycruzz:AmyCruzz 9 1
Double Trouble [Teacher!Corazon x Mother!Reader]
Being a single mother had its ups and downs, not that it wasn't obvious or anything, but you still have to tell this.
Being a single mother meant being stressed, working a lot, felling bad for not spending enough time with your child, spoiling your child, and stressing from more. However, even if times got tough, it was always worth it in the end. Seeing your child smile brightly, or hear them tell you how much they love you was always a reward in the end of the day.
Your child's happiness, was your happiness.
Besides, being a single mother, you didn't have to worry if your dear son loved his father more than you. Mother always wins. Hazzaah!
You could admit that you were lucky in many ways. Seeing as your work was hectic, and you often had either troubles sleeping, or fell asleep on the floor. But your son was a bright one! He was like a mini adult, always sighing at your silly comments and insisting he made his own breakfast. Not only that, but he was very gifted in school, not havin
:iconnixdex:nixdex 255 64
Holy Crap [Pregnant!Reader x ???]
Warning: language, sarcasm, so much sarcasm
" guys?" you loudly said.
The crew looked up from what they were currently doing. Sanji yelling at Luffy, Nami sunbathing, etc, etc.
"What is it, [Name]-san?" said Brook, who was tuning his violin.
"," you hesitated.
"It's okay, [Name]," said Chopper reassuringly by your side.
The crew looked at you expectantly.
"I-I'm preggo," you joked to make the situation lighter.
Silence fell upon the crew.
"Like the spaghetti sauce?" said Luffy.
"She means pregnant, you dumbass," muttered Zoro.
-1 month pregnant-
"I still can't believe he's the father," said Sanji.
"Leave him alone," you sighed.
"He didn't even understand how to make babies," sighed Zoro.
Can you guess who's the father? That's right. Luffy. Monkey D. Luffy. The walking, talking rubber band. The captain. Luffy, your captain. The man who wants to be Pirate King. The guy who thinks food is currency. Yes, that man.
"Sooo, there's gonna be a min
:iconcandyderp:candyderp 160 49
big misapprehension (Doflamingo xReader xCorazon)

also a  bit  x little Law Meow :3

Drama  Romance and a pinch of I-Haven't-Slept-For-Ages :iconholaplz: I NEED MORE COFFEE o-O

'thoughts'   Corazons writings

It was a ord
:icontrafalgarcorazon:TrafalgarCorazon 43 37
Doflamingo x Reader (2/2): Dream of Strings

    You washed the same spot on a table in a daze. Rose came up behind you and put a hand across your shoulders. “Hey! What’s the news about your recent nightlife?”
    “Rose!” You jumped from the sudden contact. “Give me a warning the next time you do that! He likes doing that to me enough as it is!”
    “Flamingo-san? Who knew you had such a mischievous side to you!”
    “I wouldn’t say mischievous. He’s downright dangerous to be around.”
    “Oh come on. He let the little Mingo use his nickname, didn’t he?”
    “That was almost a week ago.”
    “Well? What happened last night?”
    “… He did a training regimen again.”
    “You’ve yet
:iconmunran:MunRan 131 28
Doflamingo x Reader (1/2): Dream of Strings

You were wandering down your normal path. The sun was shining high in the sky, with candy tuff clouds lazily moving along. The path was littered with patches of flowering grass, but otherwise it was paved with fire-red bricks. Off to the left was the same old tiger sleeping under a tree with his three pieces of bamboo. Gee, I would have thought Tiger-san would be doing something interesting this time around, you thought. Elsewhere, you passed by Ms. Hawk, surrounded by books, kittens, and many cute stuffies, which caused to giggle. Monkey boy had been bouncing around from one pile of meat to another, while courage Chameleon was busy fighting off a giant goldfish with a masked companion. These weren’t some of the weirdest things you’ve seen, however. One time you came across a rhino who was surrounded by strange machinery that ran on cola.
            Yet not all of the people you
:iconmunran:MunRan 109 13
Doflamingo x Reader: Smirk
**For people who'd like to have a better understanding about the upcoming chaos, here's the part that came before this story: DoflamingoxReader: Smile. For those who just want random chaos, please read on.**
    You come out of your new room in the palace, stretching and enjoying your new home. Doflamingo told you to wait in your room until dinner that evening, but you like raising a little bit of hell when you’re bored. And you’re very bored right now. While walking down the hallway looking for your first victim, you sense someone charging you from behind. You wait, and right before they hit you, you spin and axe kick your assailant into the ground. You chuckle as the dust clears.
    Your assailant appears to be a teenage boy wearing a horned hat. After removing your foot, you squat down to get a closer look.
    “And what do we have here?” you mutter to your
:iconmunran:MunRan 74 13
Mature content
DoflamingoxReader: Smile :iconmunran:MunRan 90 9
Naruto character creator by Hapuriainen Naruto character creator :iconhapuriainen:Hapuriainen 17,388 5,872
Greedling x Chubby!Homunculus!Reader x Envy CH1
This was your first day as a homunculus and you were just starting to accommodate to your new life. You were Fear; a sin preventing humans from reaching their full potential or their goals because of the fear of rejection, hurt, or betrayal. This was a thing you understood perfectly considering your biggest phobia: love. You weren’t afraid of love in general; you knew how “beautiful and enchanting it is” but you didn’t want your heart broken, you could say. You were a bit on the bigger side and you knew people, especially men, would not like that and turn away from you or play around with you until they got bored and go to someone else. You also heard about men cheating on women all the time from the other girls and you couldn’t even imagine that amount of hurt. That’s why, to prevent it from ever happening to you, you killed yourself a day before your 18th birthday. Your friends were terribly heartbroken and attempted to bring you by using a human t
:iconkimiwaruiimouto:Kimiwaruiimouto 20 4
Greed x Reader
(A/n: Okay, so this is an AU and I'll go more into detail with it in the description.)
You continued your mad dash down the street, not even bothering to say, 'excuse me' or 'sorry' as you pushed through the crowded streets of Central. Why were you running, you ask? Were you being chased? No. Did you do something against the law? No. Then what on Earth had you done to make you run so fast?!
Well, you had just got off of work and was already two blocks away from your house before your bladder decided it couldn't hold any more. How delightful, huh? So, you ran up to your house, swung open the door, and charged straight for the bathroom. After doing your business, you stood over the sink and washed your face with the cold water.
You froze, realizing something.
"Wait a minute..."
Storming out of the bathroom and into the living room, you found your assumptions to be correct. There he was, sitting on your couch, watching television and having the time of his life. The one and only, the pain
:iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 24 3
Arthur x Pregnant! reader - Sunday evening fluff.

It was an ordinary Sunday evening and (of course) it was raining... Again... England was famous for its rainy weather, something that annoyed you a little bit, but you got used to it after spending 4 years in London.
And there you are... sitting on the couch ,reading an IKEA brochure, trying to find ideas for your baby's room.
" Love, we don't know the baby's gender yet... I think we should wait before making any decisions, such as room colour or furniture..." you heard your husband, Arthur, monotonously saying.
" Yes, dear... I'm just dawdling... " you answered on the same tone.
"OH, ARTHUR!!!! Take a look at this white baby cot!! it's so cute!!" you, suddenly, yelled in surprise pointing with your index finger in the middle of the page.
Athur raised his eyesbrows while observing the picture for afar, before exclaiming almost thrilled...
" It's cute indeed. Neutral, delicate  and , especially, not over our budget..."
He dre
:iconthe-fatal-sun:the-fatal-sun 101 33


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